Nezha Secures Funding from Top Blockchain VCs Ahead of IDO Debut

Nezha Secures Funding from Top Blockchain VCs Ahead of IDO Debut

Mar 23, 2022

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Nezha Secures Funding from Top Blockchain VCs Ahead of IDO Debut, the liquidity engine for the next generation of prediction markets, has successfully raised over $1.4 million from venture capital investors; including AU21, ZBS Capital, OIG, Vespertine Capital, Coban, 5ire, Llama Ventures, Nodeseeds, Insignius Capital, and the New Field Fund.

A blockchain-based prediction market platform, Nezha is developing an exciting gamified decentralized finance ecosystem with a multitude of mechanisms to ensure attractive yields and security through tailor-made smart contracts, as well as delivering long-term growth and stability for its users and token holders.

Nezha’s revolutionary prediction markets are powered by smart yield routing across third-party DeFi protocols, which generate — and subsequently distribute — yields to Nezha’s prediction market participants. This mechanism turns zero-sum prediction markets into a positive-sum ecosystem where participants always retain their initial stake.

Collectively, Nezha’s VC partners have funded leading projects in the blockchain space, including Polkadot, Binance, The Graph, CasperLabs, Certik, Axie Infinity, Harmony, and many more.

Ivan Gowan, Co-Founder at, says:

“The addition of so many leading VC’s to Nezha’s early funding round is a testament to the innovative technology we are building. Nezha stands ready to deliver the most transformative development in prediction markets for decades, through a mix of smart DeFi yield farming and carefully tailored smart contracts. We look forward to working closely with our VC partners during our launch and subsequent growth.”

Nezha will now seek final funding to close its private round before hosting a public IDO and making its token, $NEZ, available to public token buyers and early users of the Nezha prediction market ecosystem. Interested VC investors may contact for more information about how to get involved.

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About Nezha: is a revolution in prediction markets. Nezha is the liquidity engine for prediction markets where the participants do not wager their principal investment, but rather the yield generated on the pooled principal of all participants. Learn more at: